I came across an article recently, which is full of great information and useful takeaways. Briefly, Josh Bersin, in conjunction with MIT, conducted a study with more than 1 000 business leaders. Two important findings emerged. Firstly, ‘90% of these companies believe their core business is threatened by new digital competitors that are challenging their products and services. Secondly, 70% believe that they do not have the right leadership, skills, or operating models to adapt.’

In a previous study of more than 7 000 companies in 130 countries, 92% believe that they are not organized correctly to succeed, while only 14 percent know what this “new organization” looks like. Apart from the technological challenges, Bersin believes the biggest test is still how we manage, lead and operate organisations.’

Interestingly, regular on-going 1:1 and Team Coaching, and continuous training and development are highly recommended and practised by the most successful companies.

Bersin’s research shows that ‘the most highly inclusive organizations:

  • Generate 2.3 times more cashflow per employee
  • Generate 1.4 times more revenue
  • Rate themselves 170 percent better at innovation
  • Are 180 percent better in their ability to adapt to change
  • Are 120 percent more capable of meeting financial targets’