“Andre did a wonderful job with the Coaching MasterClass… He delivers content at an appropriate pace, making great connections with examples and stories to deepen the learning.”

Oliver Konarkowski –
Global Commercial Training and Leadership Dev Lead, Shire

“Andre did a wonderful job with the Coaching MasterClass… He delivers content at an appropriate pace, making great connections with examples and stories to deepen the learning.”

Oliver Konarkowski –
Global Commercial Training and Leadership Dev Lead, Shire


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Steve Jobs


Clients who have worked with Transitions Consulting Ltd. coaches make the following comments about their experiences:

The coaching sessions with Andre in connection with the HSBC Future Leaders program were incredibly helpful. In the first instance, Andre’s ability to quickly synthesize the approach I take to my vocation was very impressive. The fact that he was able to help me identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve my approach in our first session was amazing! I have found his PO2 framework to be highly impactful for my communications with colleagues and although I’m still refining the application, I think it will make a sustained positive difference. Lastly, I have been very impressed with Andre’s willingness to stay connected, follow-up and act as a sounding board for me even though our program has run its course. Overall, I am really glad that I was paired with Andre and truly value his input over the course of the last 18 months.

George Patterson – Managing Director, HSBC Technology Investment Banking, North America – February 2021

“I have been working with Andre Coetzee since July 2019 having been assigned him as a leadership coach as part of the Future leaders program. We have been working together since to tackle leadership topics such as communications, biases, bringing people on a common journey, collective leadership, empathetic leadership, tips on how to ask the right questions, unconscious and conscious competencies and much more. I learnt so much from our interactions and have implemented a large portion of what we workshopped as best I can. I feel the results have been great and my team has noted the same. I see them replicating many of the practices Andre and I workshopped and this has helped our common agenda a great deal. I do feel I am a more rounded leader from the experience and enjoy a lot of support from my team as result. This was a real privilege to be part of and I am thankful for the support and experience.”

Global Head of Emerging Markets & Wealth Sales, Global Markets, Head Of Institutional Sales Asia, Middle East & Africa – January 2021

“Andre, thank you so very much for your guidance and your wisdom. I have really benefitted from our work together.”

Head of Financial Sponsors Group Americas, Global Banking Securities (USA) Inc. – January 2021

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my leadership coaching with Andre. I find his insights practical and very relevant for executives like me in large and fast-paced organisations. I particularly appreciated his insights around leadership language and PO2 and will be applying these for sure.”

Managing Director, Deputy Global Head of Equities & Head of Equities, Asia Pacific – January 2021

“I have found my coaching with André to be extremely valuable for a number of reasons. Initially he supported me on a 6 month integration and transition coaching program during our company merger. Even though there were defined program parameters, he listened and helped me identify the specific challenges that I was having from both a professional and personal perspective. He supported me to be a more effective leader and manager during a time of significant change, as well as helping me to better manage my personal energy, emotions and perspective, especially during times of feeling overwhelmed.

Essentially, André’s coaching helped me be more effective, productive and successful in my work during a challenging time of change, and helped me to gain greater personal insights as well to make some changes in my work and personal life which have had great benefits on my ‘work-life balance’ and overall health and well-being.

Following on from the transition coaching program, I was very fortunate to be able to continue working with André on a follow up leadership goals & deliverables coaching program as part of the new integrated company. Again, with André’s coaching support, we were able to focus on what was most important to help me – both professionally and personally – effectively identify and deliver on my outcomes. He always listened to what I was really saying, challenged me, provided me with great insight, and coached me through how to identify and implement changes I really needed to make.

As a result of our time together, I have seen improved engagement, performance and job satisfaction in my team members, a greater self-confidence in my own ability to lead, and an increased positive perception about my leadership that has led to new opportunities.

André has helped me be a better leader and manager, both professionally and personally, for which I am grateful. I strongly and enthusiastically recommend André and The Coaching Space for your coaching needs.”

Dr Marli Watt MD, MPH – Regional Head of Global Drug Safety, Japan, Asia Pacific, Canada & Latin America, SHIRE

“In my 15 years of professional experience I have had chance to go through a number of corporate training programs, some of them more useful and memorable than others. The coaching masterclass taught by Andre was, without a doubt, time well-invested. The sessions were engaging and thought-provoking. I walked out with a number of techniques and tools that I could use immediately not only in my professional, but also my personal life.”

Narguiz Birk-Petersen Esq. – Senior Director, Head Counsel, SHIRE

“Coaching with Andre is like a great work out at the gym… you put your absolute best in, feel the stretch and walk out on air at the end of the session. We have worked together over the last 2 years and I have found his style and approach a good match for me. He supports me to focus, holds the pace I need and sets the structure, yet is flexible in his approach and consistently supports my movement towards positive outcomes.

He’s able to draw out blind spots and recognise patterns to increase my self-awareness. He exposes the action plans in me that are necessary for me to tackle both strategic and tactical issues.

He offers a unique wealth and depth to our coaching from his own business experience and yet balances this with his core strength in releasing from within me.

I enjoy working with Andre because he continues to stretch me at a business, professional and personal level and would recommend him to others looking for a similar ‘workout.”

Sandra Lee – VP and General Manager, Fisher Clinical Services UK

“Andre brings energy and an air of possibility to his coaching. He is pragmatic, solution-focused and at the same time he is able to work at many different levels according to client needs. He is a pleasure to work with – he is challenging and supportive and fun too.”

Sally Bonneywell – VP Coaching, HS&P Centre of Excellence, GSK

“I worked with Andre on a series of business issues in December 2009. Andre brings passion and commitment to his coaching and he has a huge energy. We established a successful coaching relationship and he helped me deliver plans for business changes that were successfully implemented. I was able to achieve clarity over both process and implementation through Andre’s challenging but supportive style. He helped me get to the solutions much faster than I would have done myself. Andre is a great coach and I would highly recommend him.”

Noel McGonigle – HR Director, Azzurri Communications

“Andre’s partnership, preparation, mastery of the material, insights and ability to engage the team were outstanding. I have received several unsolicited comments on how much my team enjoyed their interactions with him as well as the impact he made on the team during our 2 day workshops.”

Gary S. Kiesel – Regional Sales Director, Sanofi U.S.

“Andre did a wonderful job recently with the Coaching MasterClass training for the RD team. He delivers content at an appropriate pace, making great connections with examples and stories to deepen the learning. Participant feedback has been very positive from the group. This audience included two that had participated before and they were even more engaged the second time through, since more depth was added to some areas, bringing value to the business.”

Oliver Konarkowski – Global Commercial Training and Leadership Dev Lead, Shire

“Thank you, Andre for being such a fabulous facilitator! This course was awesome! In regards to our subsequent coaching sessions, I want you to know that I have certainly been impacted by your presence in this world. Thank you”

Krystene W Woodard, PharmD – Neuroscience MSL Team Lead, Shire

“After our last coaching session I completed the professional stock-take exercise which was extremely useful! It helped me gain perspective and decrease my feelings of overwhelm. I have already come up with some new options to help manage the current situation, and am feeling much more efficient and productive. It was also really useful in ‘kick-starting’ my new personal work plan and combining this with the 100 day plan. Thank you”

Head of GDS – Global Bio-Tech company

“Thank you for an action packed 2 days which were highly orchestrated and well put together. The content has been really well created and worked extremely well”

Brigid Garvey – Director of Talent – Rentokil Initial plc

“My coaching sessions with Andre were incredibly valuable. Areas that were most valuable for me included:

  • Validating some of the decisions I was in the process of making, particularly talking through the thought process and having confidence that there was appropriate logic
  • Providing management learning resources to help refine my overall style and to open my mind to some higher-level thinking from experts in the business world
  • Andre’s approach to the sessions, always starting with a question of whether there was anything specific on my mind that would take priority over any pre-planned discussion, ensured that we were focused on the most pressing areas where the coaching would be valuable to me

Overall the process was very enjoyable and I gained a great deal for the time invested. Andre was knowledgeable and possessed a very approachable style to guiding my learning”

Head Of US Haematology Medical – Global Bio-Tech company

“The coaching sessions that I experienced with Andre were extremely helpful for me; I was able to learn and focus on how to implement specific tools and models for effective results. He was approachable, flexible and able to listen and provide the space and time for me to reflect and think. He followed any question I raised and provided supportive literature to help convey the context of examples of practical situations. These coaching sessions were very positive and I strongly recommend others to find the opportunity to experience coaching sessions for professional career development”

Claudia Lebedinsky, MD – Global Development Lead Hematologic Malignancies, Shire

“Coaching with Andre has assisted with my leadership development and taught me the importance of ownership. The tools and strategies discussed (PO2, meeting individuals where they are, managing continuums, moving between cause and effect, etc.) have assisted me in becoming more fully rounded as a leader in my role. Understanding and utilizing these have highlighted the importance of ownership. Regardless of what’s occurring around me, I am responsible for and have the ability to guide the success of the team and my personal goals and objectives, as I am more able to filter, be adaptive, identify the person and environment, and work more effectively”

Marsha Walkup, PhD – Ophthalmic Medical Science Liaison Team Lead US Medical Affairs

“It was a great opportunity to learn principles and see the coaching concepts in practice from such an enthusiastic, energetic and engaging presenter and facilitator. I do believe coaching is going to help me through the next several months of multiple projects involving multiple different stakeholders, both internal and external. As always the only constraining factor is time! Time for myself is probably the hardest one to manage. In saying that, this process and questions are ones I have been thinking about since last week that will support me becoming more effective with time.”

Robert O’Connell, Product Manager – Haematology Shire

“I am still in awe of how valuable our Monday morning coaching session was and continues to be. What was especially helpful is the way you assist me with taking ideas and turning them into concrete actions. You do this so masterfully and already within only 2 sessions! You’ve provided me with so many great tools that have given me confidence in the concrete, achievable action steps I’m undertaking! Your coaching and exercises to help focus my imperatives resulted in the biggest time ROTI and really helped me to confidently hone my focus over the next 90-days. I feel so confident about the future, as I feel I have and will continue to develop the tools and mindset for success”

Akima Harrigan, PharmD – Regional Lead, MSL Team, Medical Affairs

“For me the Coaching Masterclass can be summed up with 3 C’s, Curiosity, Courage and Confidence. Curiosity to seek to understand others through listening, really listening. Andre equipped me with the skills to listen at a deep level to hear what is going on behind the words. Courage to be vulnerable, make mistakes and learn. Andre created a safe environment so I could give my best, stumble, learn and laugh too! Confident, I left the Masterclass feeling confident I could be a better coach and help others grow. Thank you so much Andre”

Jill Archibald, Head of Customer Excellence, Shire Pharma Canada ULC

“Andre did a fantastic job in delivering great “coaching” content to the Shire team across the EAMEA region. What was wonderful about the program was that it was customized to Shire’s business and employee needs. It catered to existing issues such as time management; where topics like “5-10 minutes coaching” and “contracting for time” played a critical role. Andre’s “coaching masterclass” training additionally made it very easy for all employees to transfer content and learning to real work-life or real time situations. Thank you Andre for an engaging, insightful session where the team benefited from your training expertise and coaching skills. This is a highly recommended training with great business value addition. Thank you!”

Tehseen Ahmed, Human Resources Lead, Middle East Cluster- EAMEA Region, Shire

“We have all been there; you have been asked to attend a 2-day offsite, and you’re dreading the e-mail pile up, missed deadlines, and emergencies that will inevitably pop up while you’re away. Your mindset has you starting off on the wrong foot and you’re not even ‘in the session’! While I have attended seminars and trainings in the past, I have left often wondering, “what can I take from this session that will move the needle for my team?” I want to give you some insights on Andre and Frans – their coaching seminar is powerful. Clear your mind, accept that you are going to learn, accept that you will walk away with tools, tips and a simple coaching action plan that will help you to move the needle with your team. The theory presented is ripe with Andre’s real-world experience. This combination of theory and real-world experience engages you and makes you think about how you could have coached differently to take the monkey off your back, and above all to motivate your team. I go back to the materials at least every 3 weeks to refresh and not lose the insights gained through the seminar. This is the training that you want to attend, to take the time to shut out the external world, as you will leave with a refreshed mindset.”

Anand Janack, Franchise Head, Hematology, Shire Pharma Canada ULC

“Thank you for everything you did to make the Dublin CTE events such a success – proof is in the fantastic feedback we received. Overall it was excellent feedback and leadership here are delighted. I am now encouraging the attendees and their managers to continue the journey and application of the skills.”

Claire O’Boyle, Global Knowledge Management and Training Lead, Business Planning and Operations Corporate Services, Ireland, Shire

“The Coaching Masterclass was an extremely timely training and upskilling opportunity that has positively impacted my team and personal workload management. Rather than feeling a need to take issues and problems away from my reports and by so doing, increasing my workload, I have found that through a simple and thoughtful line of questioning that was outlined in the Coaching Training Program, I have been able to provide value to my team by aiding them in working through their issues and empowering them to develop the majority of the solutions by themselves. I would recommend this training class to anyone that feels they are spending more time on trying to solve other people’s problems, than focusing on other essential or higher priority tasks that would better drive their business outcomes”

Daylan Riddle, National Sales Manager – Internal Medicine, Shire

“The purpose of my message is to share the success of our sales meeting and express gratitude for Andre.

The customized training programs for our LSD and GI/IM franchises was a huge success. It was so rewarding to hear all the positive feedback of the value and learnings from the sessions. The team appreciated the efforts to ensure the sessions were tailored to the needs of the sales force in interacting with their HCPs. They also expressed the training was transferrable to many aspects of their life. Andre was instrumental to this success. Jon, Christine and I appreciate the multiple calls and revisions to ensure the sessions reflected the needs of the account leads and franchises. As a testament to the value, Andre has already been asked to join us for our Cycle 1 meeting to continue the learnings.

We are very grateful for the partnership of ILD to our success. Thank you, Jill, Jon and Christine”

Jill Archibald, Head of Customer Excellence, Shire Pharma Canada ULC

“As for the workshop I attended with you, I must admit that it was one of the best I’ve attended on coaching; not only because it brought it all together but more importantly the interaction that occurred between the different functions that brought the collaboration and the practical aspect to it!! I hope that we have the chance to interact with you and with your team again in the near future!”

Dina El Salmy – ICMEA Head of Portfolio Management Growth and Emerging Markets Business Unit, Takeda

“Andre joined us for a 2 day offsite as we were building the foundation of our EUCAN Rare Disease Team. We worked together on building team effectiveness, trust and building together key team principles. As we were starting to work together and not all the cross functional was in place, Andre continued the journey with us to create team momentum and embrace and integrate other team members.

I’m delighted and proud to say this was essential to build capabilities together and fully live a cross functional environment with mutual respect where we can maximize each other’s capabilities and expertise. A culture of safe harbour to have honest conversations and truly believing “Mind-set is everything”.

Andre brings his uniqueness of facilitating learning and coaching others and is a great trusted partner where he shows his passion and genuine interest on progress made to date and how to continue to progress.”

Rute Fernandes – Head of Rare Diseases of Europe and Canada, Takeda

“I highly recommend André to everybody who seeks a coach to engage in an impactful personal and professional development program. He is a very present and positive person, which makes it easy build a relationship of trust and creativity. Bringing in a lot of knowledge and insight in the global pharmaceutical arena, André is an excellent sounding board.”

Senior Global Lead – Global Pharma Organization

“André from Transitions Consulting Ltd. is a driven and energetic individual who invests a lot in helping other people to achieve their goals. His drive and determination are two very clear aspects to his coaching which would be of benefit to corporate clients. André has an ability to really listen to the issues facing clients and to ask thought-provoking questions.

This combination of drive and listening gives him a grounding, which helps create awareness for his clients, encouraging them to take the actions necessary to achieve their goals. Clients who choose to work with him will benefit from a coach who has direct experience of senior leadership in the corporate world.”

MD – Leadership & Consulting Organisation

“I have worked with Andre over a period of six months and found him to be an inspiring coach. Andre has an extremely enthusiastic and energetic approach to life and this tends to infect those he comes into contact with. I found him to be insightful in his ability to know when a warm word or a comforting chat was needed and I greatly appreciated the positive attitude he radiates.

From a client perspective, I think Andre’s greatest strength is in his honesty and his directness. Many people shy away from saying what they think or feel but Andre’s style is very much to be open and not shy away from difficult subjects. Andre personally helped me in the coaching context by making me feel very safe and I was able to confide some of my insecurities and not feel in any way judged. He also always managed to bring a smile to my face, whatever the situation. I can highly recommend him as a coach.”

Director – Consultancy

“Andre is a very enthusiastic and engaging coach; 100% there for the client and their agenda which made me feel supported, listened to and stretched in a positive way. Andre really helped me to think clearly about how I could achieve my specific goals; also made sure I was committed to my actions and provided a safe place to talk through the potential obstacles I could come across. His enthusiasm is infectious; I really felt empowered to get on and achieve my goals.”

Careers Consultant – Business School

“Andre has a strong commercial background and is a talented coach which positions him well as an executive coach. He is tenacious, conscientious and wants what is best for the client. Things will get done when Andre is around! Andre has inspired me with his energy and enthusiasm to make things happen. He has challenged my way of thinking. The benefits for me personally were balance – in both a coaching and commercial aspect.”

Learning Development Manager – Recruitment Consultancy

Individual and team sessions were facilitated by Yolanda, where each person worked through … effective communication and conflict handling.

She provided us with effective tools which we can continuously use to assess and measure ourselves regarding our progress from where we were and what we agreed to do to grow.

This ultimately resulted in a totally rehabilitated team, who were reenergised with a renewed sense of determination, a “we can” attitude, and soaring commitment levels on each one’s part to contribute to the success of the team.
Yolanda has been a real source of inspiration, a patient and impactful coach!

Michelle Nel – Divisional Manager

This coaching programme provided the platform for open discussion, allowing us to eliminate sticky areas in our team relations, thereby strengthening team cohesion and effectiveness. It personally allowed me time to introspect, self-evaluate, and reflect on what I was doing in my role and where I wanted myself and my team to go. Yolanda listened provided valuable input.

IB – Executive General Manager

Through working with Yolanda I have found my voice, I am more confident in speaking up when needed and am not afraid to challenge. I have also realised the value I add to the team and now know the work I do is important. My team values my input as a result of this.

Yolanda is someone that allows you to speak and before you know it you have answered your own question. She challenges us with the hard stuff and encourages us to tap into the things we would normally avoid.

Prudence – Senior CRO

This coaching programme pushed us out of our comfort zones, allowing us to increase performance, grow personally and professionally, and develop under-utilised business strengths. I have learnt how to change an area where I was falling short and needed to change my behaviour, into one of my best strengths.

I have increased communication with my team, improving our relations, and allowing us to improve our operational system, anticipate client needs and keep them excited in order to see our value and build better relationships.

Jacques – Senior Sales Exec

Working with Yolanda from Transitions Consulting Ltd. greatly increased my recognition and reinforcement of my strengths, values and beliefs. I was able to clarify my thought processes, and explore issues in a way that I knew was supportive, impartial and empowering. She always shows empathy, and perception, while still keeping me firmly on track with my chosen goals. I have found coaching to be a hugely useful tool both personally and professionally, and would recommend it to everyone.

Celeste Kostopoulos – Global Client Advocate Corporate Risk Solutions

Coaching with Yolanda allowed me to gain greater clarity about my professional goals and increased my confidence in my new role. She helped me clarify areas of focus for our coaching sessions, and helped me to become clear about the steps I needed to take to achieve those goals. Over the year, she has helped me to grow and expand into my new role, to match my strengths to the company’s expectations. She reinforced my achievements which gave me greater confidence about experimenting with new more empowering behaviours.

I would highly recommend coaching with Yolanda to anyone wanting to develop themselves.

Catherine Walsh – Senior Client Advocate

Yolanda’s warm and embracing energy put me at ease immediately. She gave me the support, wisdom and clarity that I needed to help formulate and launch my business plan. I am forever grateful! If you are looking for a competent, positive, deeply caring and professional coach, then I can only recommend sessions with Yolanda. Enjoy the experience!

Mona Shair – Business Owner

For more information about executive coaching and organisational coaching workshops and masterclasses, call 07764 471 766 or email and we will respond to your enquiry.

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