We all Know about ‘feedback’ – and the dread that those words fill most people with. But feedback shouldn’t only be for ‘development’, though that is valuable. Companies that have a culture of positive feedback, and praising good work, have much higher levels of engagement, productivity and loyalty. But it cannot be thrown like confetti – people are much too smart for that, and will discredit any suspected schmoozing. Feedback – both positive and stretch- needs to be:

  • Timeous – do as soon after the event as possible.
  • Specific (during that presentation, you took 20 minutes, showed 15 slides).
  • Involve effect: the impact of that was a short, sharp presentation which engaged the audience and whetted their appetite. They’ve asked for more details and another meeting.
  • That was an outstanding result, very well done!
  • It is also more powerful if linked to the individual’s identity. ‘You’re a very organised, engaging presenter.’

Coaching Questions

  • How often do you catch your team doing right?
  • Who needs to be encouraged, nurtured, recognised or applauded?
  • What do you notice in yourself and them when you do?